Wood Profits is a product on woodworking business. Jim Morgan, a proud owner of woodworking business, created the program. It is package that includes guides, audio course, and email coaching.

Package teaches people how to build a successful home based woodworking business. Product serves all kind of people from starter to thriving businessman.


Program is step-by-step guide to earn money selling homemade woodworks. In addition, you have option to receive email coaching personally from Jim. You could start your business for mere $50 in your garage and grow to earn more.

Who is Jim Morgan?

In 1995, Jim was jobless, broke, and struggling to pay bills. Jim started woodworking business with zero capital, basic shop tools and 10X20 garage. Within a year, Jim expanded his garage to 1400-foot space.

He did not knew anything about the business all he had was passion for woodwork. As there was no one to guide him, he made lot mistakes but learned from it and created a profitable business out of it.

He has earned his living with same business model for fifteen years.Now Jim teaches same model to others and has helped hundreds of woodwork businesses. He teaches not only how to start it but how to grow it year by year.

What the WoodProfits Package Includes?

The program includes more than 500 projects such as toys, clocks, boxes and many more. Complete package is designed with audio transcriptions, and guides with email access to Jim Morgan.

In addition, you get the bestselling woodcraft, and furniture plans.

  • There is plenty of information on what type of wood you could invest for your projects.
  • You start business with start-up capital of $50 with this program.
  • There is step-by-step guide to help you a project like furniture.
  • In addition, after finishing product Jim teaches how to price your product to earn profit.
  • There are separate guide for promoting your business through commercial.
  • There are more than hundred blueprints of popular woodwork projects that you could undertake.
  • You get the list of the required tools and sources from where to purchase the tools.
  • Information on top ten profitable products also helps you grow your business.
  • Program also teaches you how to attract all kinds of customers and retain them for future sales.
  • Clear guidelines are provided to improve your skills and much more.
  • When you purchase the VIP package, you also receive extra 150 tested plans, 1000 plus documents, legal contracts and unlimited coaching access to Jim.

How does it work?

You could by WoodProfits from official website within reasonable price. Jim does provide discount on this program on regular basis, hence, you could take advantage of it. The program is completely downloadable in supported digital formats.


You could go through the program step by step as you set your business in right path. You could also use the email coaching from Jim Morgan in various stages of the program.

You do not have to go through the complete program before setting the business instead you could use program as guide as you go along.

Who could buy WoodProfits?

This program is for all those who love woodwork. Even if woodwork is like a hobby, using this program, you could earn some extra money.

Great thing about this program is that it requires only around 20 hours per week, so you work only in your spare time.

For those who are on amateur level in term of craft, there is plenty information on how to improve skills and how to think like a businessman.


1. You should not be an expert craftsman to use this programs, all you require is passion for the craft and little training. This program includes everything you need to know about the woodwork craft and how to improve on it.
2. Information offered in the program is comprehensive and sold. It is detailed but easy to understand and practical. As the program is designed based on creator’s experience, there is lot of personal tips.
3. Jim Morgan is expert and entrepreneur in the field of woodwork, hence you have credible product for you to use.
4. Using this program, you could start your business with as low as $50. Hence, it gives everyone a fair chance to earn a living without taking big risk.
5. You will be following your passion and earning some money through it.
6. If you are not satisfied with the product, you have 60-day money guarantee and you will receive full refund without any question.


1. Admittedly, this product is not for those who have no experience in woodworking. You may need basic training before you could follow this program.
2. This program is designed to create profitable business, so it is only for those who want be entrepreneurs and not just someone who only loves it as hobby.
3. Program is only available in digital format and there is no physical store for you to buy except buying online.

Does it work?

Rob Jameson from London is one of its satisfied customers. According to him, program is easy to follow and almost all information for creating a successful business out of it.

Marc Buckner from San Antonio, Texas is a chief editor of a woodworking firm recommends this product for those who want convert their hobby into successful business.

Marc says, the program covers all aspect of woodworking business starting from project costs’ contracts, high margin projects and attracting customers. There are plenty more for whom the program has worked.



Jim Morgan’s Wood Profits program is worth using if you seriously want to build your hobby as your home based business. Jim has 19 years of experience in the field of woodworking and the products valuable resource which hard to be ignored.

In addition, there are very few such products in woodworking industry making it one of its kind. However, if you do not have training in the craft, this program would be hard to comprehend.

You must also need to be determined to make this as profitable home based business. If you are not one of those people, you should not invest in this product, as it would be complete waste of time.

This is product is recommended woodwork craftsmen who want to make profitable business.