X Scalper Reviews

Tell you what? Let's get to know more about this new thing produced by Karl Dittmann in this review. Yes! It is X Scalpe which is a scalping indicator, that has been designed for consistent high profit over a long duration.

It has been programmed with various laser- oriented, unknown trading algorithms, in a way that can be combined to generate precisely the highest profitable Buy and Sell signals.

It has been proven that this scalping indicator can work best on 1M and 5M timeframes. Though, it doesn't show the Buy and Sell signals automatically like a robot it is still something to be embraced.


The X Scalper system was developed to be used in MT4 (Meta Trader 4 trading platform) by Karl Dittmann.


Precisely in this indicator, Karl provides a chance for a trader to attach it to their own charts such that when trading opportunities arise, he/she is allowed to buy or sell signals in accordance to the guideline's stop loss.

Apart from it being an indicator, there's also a money management strategy and this is provided in the members' section.


X Scalper usually generates the essential parameters used for potential trades by initially taking the necessary information from the Forex market before making it's very own calculations.

Categorically it has been used to compare many charts from a monthly frame down to 1M frame. Where it analyzes and scans the charts per second and in doing so, it obtains the most suited trading currency pairs and time frames simultaneously.


First and foremost the X Scalper is attached to the chart before entering either a Buy or a Sell signal. After this, you set up a Stop Loss according to the guideline.

One should always remember to exit immediately a new signal is generated, in order to obtain the profits before getting involved in the next trade.


What an easy task! Can't imagine it but did you know that installing X Scalper would only take 5 minutes? Ok, you are only required to download it from the member's area then do copy paste it to the MT4, before activating your trading user account.

Usually, X Scalper has a user guide that is well detailed and can be followed systematically.

One should know that it's of great importance to know these key features of X Scalper; It can work in almost all the available 34 currency pairs.

It has a 100 percent No Repaint Full, that's the Buy and Sells signals are usually reliable and can be proofed on the chart over a short time.

In addition, X Scalper offers a readily available Help and Support services at any given time.

Lastly but not list, one is guaranteed to a 60-day money back option other than the 60 X Scalper trial days.


It's legit.

Are you finding Forex trading difficult in making profits? Worry not!

X Scalper to me is not only a trading software but also offers a secretive trading method that can be used to create more profits in Forex market.

Wondering how? Ok, using this software one can able to see where and when the price will go up if some specific threshold is met.

Hence, one is quite able to easily make more profits from different trading circumstances that other competing traders are unaware of.


  • It's verified that it can work on 1M and 5M time frames.
  • It has No Repaint Signals even at a 100 percent level.
  • It also generates signal alerts for any entry signal other than working on 34 trading currency pairs.
  • It's also economically friendly in that if you're not satisfied fully you can as well request your money back which is guaranteed within 60 days.


X Scalper essentially has 3 different trading modes, meaning this software is aimed at any trader at any level.

Since if one uses the software he or she can with time grow together with his or her software by moving from a more conservative mode, then to the medium mode, and later on to the more aggressive mode signals.


I believe so but, as it is with other indicators, X Scalper has got some real challenges that it would be better if Karl Dittmann tries to solve them.

Mainly, this software doesn't actually give us a huge sample size of the trading results. Other than this, it has dawned on me that it also lacks any kind of trading statement, FX Blue is also not accounted for.

Since this software is good at providing the correct trading signal it would be of more important if it were automatic like a robot let's say Forex Robot for instance.

Since trades are usually put manually though it requires a lot of time in order to produce the best signal just as they are supposed to be.

And thus enabling the developer as well as the traders to grow their accounts, while confirming that indeed the software works.


Previous works from Karl's products required strategic and secondary analysis on the user's end. I must confess that at first, I was wrong since I did not expect X Scalper to be an exemption but now it's fully confirmed to me it is one of the most valuable assets I have ever come to know.

By saying this I do not mean, the user is totally not required to put in a little effort on his/ her behalf, in order to make quick money somehow faster, although if one has got plenty of time then this still could be a worth it choice.

Let it stick to your brain, that the pros of X Scalper exceed its cons by a very big margin.

This not only leads me to recommend this magical software that apart from allowing traders to spend less time ( less than forty-five minutes) of trading per day, but it also enables them to begin making huge profits right from the very first day without even spending a lot.

Since one can still make some profits while still using the demo account for 60 days, it will be wise to shift into the real account after a series of consistent making of profits.

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