Trend Profiteer Reviews

Trend Profiteer is a forex trading suite that contains both educational material and trading tools meant to make traders a lot of money in the foreign exchange markets. By its definition, it is a “trade management software and group mentoring program.”

It is a program aimed at amateur traders and professional traders alike. As a beginner, you can use it to make profits as you learn your craft, and with time, you become a seasoned trader.

Who Is The Author or Creator?

Trend Profiteer was developed by expert forex traders led by Michael Nurok. Michael is based in Sydney. He is a veteran day trader with 15 years of experience. It is with this experience that he has made millions.

Being successful himself, he was motivated to share his knowledge with other people and develop a mechanism that would stack the odds in their favor. The program is particularly beneficial to those without prior experience trading in the forex market.

What Is Included In The Program?

Trend profiteer is made up of the following elements:

a) A Trading manual: It describes how this program works. You are meant to read this before you start using the trading system to understand how it works and make the most out of it.

b) Instructional videos: A step by step guide on how you should install the trading system onto your computer.

c) An educational course that is subdivided into 12 units: It provides you with all the basics regarding how the forex market works. As designed by the creators, you should start trading as soon as you purchase Trend Profiteer and learn along the way with the help of this course.

d) The Trend Profiteer Forum and Chatroom: The forum gives you a platform to associate with other traders. It enables you to share ideas with them, learn from each other, and share your career experiences to become better, all-round traders. The Chatroom, on the other hand, is another avenue for people to interact.

e) The Mobile App: The program comes with a mobile app that links up your smartphone with your computer. It has a push notifications feature that informs you when you need to pull the trigger on a given trade, when you need to back down, and how the market is trending. In a nutshell, it gives you remote access to the program (when you are far from your computer).

f) Webinars: Members are allowed to attend them whenever they are held. They are an opportunity for you to learn from specialists.

In addition to these components, there is a Market Intelligence Dashboard, Reference Guides, and Trade Assistant User Guides.

The product also comes with a customer support system. You can learn more about the product or ask any queries via either live chat or emails.

How Does It Work? Is It a Scam?

Trend Profiteer, as its name suggests, works by analyzing market trends and enabling you to profit from these trends. Its working principle is based on capturing all the patterns and swings in the market.

It has a semi-automatic trading bot which means that while it has a closed-loop (automatic system) feedback mechanism, it still provides you with ultimate control.

Therefore, you can tweak the parts that you choose to and then let the system manage things for you. This is what most professional traders with some experience opt to do.

Alternatively, you can follow its trading recommendations. They come in the form of alerts. The beginners favor this approach.


  1. It minimizes the risk of failure by helping you pick the best deals that are likely to make you money. Even though they are “safe,” they still guarantee you good returns.
  2. This program identifies the trades that are bullish and alerts you about them so that you can make money from them.
  3. It notifies you when you need to withdraw from a trade. By doing that, it helps you steer clear of deals that are likely to lose money.
  4. The smartphone app gives you access to the markets from any place; even when you are away from your computer.
  5. It is easy to use. There is a manual, instructional videos, customer support, and forums to help you along the way. In addition to that, it is user-friendly to complete beginners.

Who Is the Ideal Candidate For The Product?

Trend Profiteer is for everybody. As mentioned earlier, people without prior experience can use it because the system guides them.

As for the more experienced traders, it boosts their earnings. With its top-drawer software, it picks up on the best deals in the market so that the traders can make money with less risk.

As Nurok – the creator – admits, people who come in fresh with zero background in forex trading and follow the instructions to the letter are more likely to succeed with it than the pros.

Professionals second guess themselves too much and are prone to “tweaking things” feeling that they know a lot; usually to their detriment.

In addition to that, it has educational courses, platforms for traders to interact and share insights, and webinars so that the rookies can learn from the experts.

If you think about it, it is meant for people who are actively interested in the Forex market and intend to make money from it; people who are ready to invest in themselves and their futures.

Does The Product Work?

Using its approach, Trend Profiteer aims to win trades between 60 and 130 PIP which has a risk to reward ratio of 20:1.

This is incredibly ambitious, but it cushions traders against losses. On a bad day, a trader can lose up to 50% of the moves they make and still record a decent profit.

It looks like a sound investment because the claims that it has an 80% or more percent success rate don’t seem too farfetched.


If you are interested in venturing into forex trading and have no prior knowledge concerning it, you will need assistance.

You can either go the hard way that involves making losses, and suffering heartaches and disappointments to learn, or you can buy the product and make profits while you learn the ins and outs of forex trading.

If you are already a professional trader, you should buy it to enhance your profits, network with other traders, and pass your knowledge on to the newbies.

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