Trend Mystery Reviews

Are you interested in making extra income or just making income? Then you probably have come across multiple online money making platforms.

While these sites come with gallant promises of making insane cash, through unclear means, we cannot really establish their integrity.

Most of them just turn in to celebrity Ponzi schemes. This begs the question, which money making opportunities are legitimate? The answer to this question is matter of your own conviction. It is dependent on how much due diligence you have done.

Forex trade is a promising business arena. Personally, before I knew about forex trade, I heard a lot of successes and failures.

As for the successes, I was well convinced. But the failures made me a little hesitant to dive into this trade. In this review, I am going to guide you through a forex trading tool known as Trend Mystery.

By the end of this discussion, you should be able to make a rational decision on whether to continue or venture in to this promising trade.

What Trend Mystery is all about?

For starters, Trend Mystery is all about giving you the right signals on when to buy or sell in forex markets.

Traditionally, if you wanted to trade, all predictions would be solely based on perception. It was like a gamble. With the advent of tools such as Trend Mystery, all the predictions are done for you.

What you need to do is invest and reap your returns. Trend Mystery notifies you of ripe opportunities that keep popping up.

Trend Mystery serves as guide for anyone seeking to reap heavily from forex trade.What you need to do is study this article carefully for a heads up on how to get started.

Who is the Author?

The author or rather the creator of Trend Mystery is one Karl Dittmann. Karl Dittmann is a successful full time forex trader who lives to tell his experience with forex. His experience with forex trade led him to build this great application.

Karl faced a lot of criticism when he ventured into forex trade. This criticism might have been well justified owing to the fact that he kicked off with making losses.

He had numerous trading accounts which garnered loss after loss. His secret to success was a lot of patience. When he closely studied the forex market by analyzing buying and selling results ,the earnings started rocketing.Trend Mystery genuinely is an embodiment of Karl’s success with forex trading.

What it consists of ?

It has three main modules with varying levels of key parameters in forex trade. These parameters include signal frequency, trend detection, risk and level of safety. The three modes are discussed below;

Conservative mode

Are you a beginner at forex trade? Don’t be shy, this mode would bet suit you. The parameters are set in such a way that you get to feel the experience of winning, which is definitely your main goal. The parameters are defined below.

The signal frequency is normal. This means that the streaming in of signals is fairly slow and noticeable. You got a lot of time to decide.
The trend detection is standard. This infers that any changes in signal levels are relatively slow.

The safety is maximum and the risk is low. The security is set at maximum to insure you from any losses that may occur. As a beginner, the risk is low, so you don’t get scared by the soring trends.

Medium mode

The medium mode has the signal frequency at high, the trend detection at sensitive, the safety at optimal and the risk, moderate.

The medium mode is for slightly advanced traders. However, it is the best level to trade in.

Aggressive mode

Are you all adrenalin or beast mode? Then this is your mode. The signal frequency is set at extreme, the trend detection at an all-time highly sensitive. The safety is set a disappointing low and the risk is high.

At this level we assume that you are a guru and can compete effectively with fluctuating trends.
Trend Mystery uses five time frames, namely,H1,H4,M30,M15 and D4.

How does Trend Mystery Work? Is It a Scam?

The buy signals are displayed in the upper section of the oscillator window. These signals appear in form of dashed lines with each line representing the strength of the signal.

The signals appear hierarchically according to the strength. The higher the rank of the signal in the hierarchy, the stronger the buy signal, which means that, at this point you are in for high returns.

The sell signal is displayed in the bottom end of the oscillator window. They are represented in the same way as the buy signals, using dashed lines. Except in the sell signal, the lower the rank of the signal, the higher the more profit potential.

What I can assure you is that Trend Mystery is not a scam. The details are well laid out. After the initial purchase, there are no charges on subscription or future updates.

Pros of Trend Mystery

  1. it is easy and efficient.
  2. It is friendly, does not require any technical skill.
  3. It is accurate.
  4. It has a fairly simple and easy to use interface.
  5. The product itself is well packaged with user guides for new persons looking to venture into forex trade.

Who should use it?

It can be used by anyone seeking to venture into forex markets. Additional, even gurus could employ this great tool.

Does it really work?

Trend Mystery has been proven to produce accurate results for buying and selling in the forex markets. It is accurate, efficient and easy to use.

Follow the following steps for actual results;

  1. Attach Trend Mystery to H1,H4,M30,M15 or D1 time frames.
  2. Fill in your stake on a sell or buy signal alongside you recommended StopLoss.
  3. Quit this trade once the falling signal or rather preset the TakeProfit functionality
  4. For subsequent trades repeat the above mentioned stops.


Before you attempt any trade, it paramount that you conduct due diligence on whatever tool you want to use.

I believe this article has gone great lengths in showing that Trend Mystery is a good tool. My experience wit it was that anyone could use it, even a ten-year-old kid.

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