Scalping Detector Reviews

No luck so far in your forex trading? A lot of newbie get mixed emotions when they start trading, continuous losses can frustrate them and discourage them from further trading.

Some will seek training from Forex gurus, who will end up charging them a small fortune. The scalping detector machine is a messiah in form of a software program that has been designed to make you a small fortune as a Forex trader.

You can change your path in life by installing this Forex detector software that has been proven to be legit and very effective for beginners and traders.

Let’s looks at what this product is all about and what you stand to gain from using this product.


Scalping detector is a soft ware product that automatically trades in the Foreign exchange market on your behalf.

This means that you can literally go to sleep and this software you downloaded on your PC will be generating an extra stream of income for you.

Scalping indicator is a trend based indicator that uses a special algorithm that identifies trends in the foreign exchange market from beginning to the end and sends alerts to you on a time to start trading that will ensure high profitability.

In order words, it takes the risk for you and minimizing any loss you would have made by making uninformed trading decisions.


The creator of this product is Karl Dittmann, like every other newbie, he knows how it feels to lose money from Forex.

He gathered some key tools and secrets in foreign exchange and was able to amass wealth for himself and his family over a period of time.


This program has great features such as;

  • Laser accurate trade signals on Meta 1 and Meta 5 time frames.
  • Automatic money management
  • A built in smart exit technology that enables you identify the best time to exit or lock in profits.
  • Scalping detector has preset trading styles such as: conservative, medium or aggressive.
  • Advanced users can switch the program to custom trading style.
  • It has three methods of alerting traders on trading opportunities; instant email notification, Meta traders 4 platform pop up alert sound and push notification to your mobile phone. All these methods ensure you do not miss out on any trading opportunity that comes up.
  • Provides support for scalping detector money management strategy; all technical issues and general questions are supported in this program.


Scalping detector is automated. It is not necessary that you watch the trading; all you have to do is set it up. You will need a computer with internet connection and MT4.

You were probably expecting a step by step guide line right? Well, that’s the simplicity of this robotic trader that changed the outlook of Forex trading by predicating the future instead of working with past predictions.

Scalping detector works by using the scalping strategy in resetting its algorithms according to the present market conditions, thereby generating quick profits and minimizing losses.

This scalping detector takes about 5 minutes to download. It may take a while longer for traders who are not accustomed to Meta trader 4 brokers.

Guess what! It can trade in any Meta trader 4 accounts. Each order of scalping detector comes with its own license which means you can only trade on one account.

This product trades in EUROS/USD, this is because these markets a bit more stable than others. You can run on a Demo account for as long as it will take you to see that you can make profits before switching over to a real account.

Can you beat that? This product is not a scam! Currently, this product is considered to be very adaptable to Forex market by most Forex experts. It is 100% legit. Its official website is


If you are a newbie or you have been trading successfully but looking for ways to improve your trading results further, here are a few pros of this program that will make the best decision that will give you a great forex trading experience 24 hours every day.

  1. Great money management program.
  2. It runs on stealth mode enabling you hides your s/l and t/p levels from your broker.
  3. Designed to work in different market conditions.
  4. It has very short installation time; takes some few minutes.
  5. This indicator is adapts more to the Forex market than other markets.
  6. Its predication on the Forex market is progressively accurate.
  7. It comes with a 60 days money back guarantee.
  8. It is user friendly.
  9. It saves you time by giving you time to attend to other matters and only notifying you when it’s time to exit or make trade.


The ideal candidates for this product are traders and people who are looking into making extra streams of income; this means that just about everybody qualifies to use the scalping detector indicator.

This program allows you make money without having to study the foreign exchange market or go for training on it.

You can start with as low as $100 with some brokers, most traders prefer you to make an initial minimum deposit of $250 dollars.


Why will anyone not want to go into Forex trading if they know that there is a unique opportunity for them to make money and improve their life with this program?

A lot of Forex indicators are in the market and users have explored their options, sadly, they have experienced losses but scalping detector is here to take the risk factor from the equation and help you trade with no squabbles.

This software is relatively cheap and affordable. It’s also easy to setup if you are new to the trading business. It is recommended for traders because it trades in Euros and dollars, reason being these markets are stable.

When you install your scalping detector, you would have automatically employed a robot to spin the wheels of the money making machine for you. It is a one off payment and there is no monthly payments.

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