From research and feasibility study, the product is the newest in automated trading systems. The product is also known as software that is fabricated to give traders the edge over Forex markets.

However, it is a great tool that can be used in automating trades. With the named product, you will not have to trade in obscurity again.


The REV Trader PRO is one-of-a-kind software that helps people execute positive trades without relying on faulty human labor.

Who is the creator?

The creator of the product is simply Doug Price.

Price was a former Forex trader who made fortune in the markets. He worked with a financial Forex firm in time past and realizing millions of dollars in trades.

Based on his ability to handle tons of money, you can rely on his ideology about the newest automated trading software. Doug Price really dominated the markets from the early stage based on the knowledge used on Forex and binary options trading.

The basic aim of authoring the software is to make everyone benefit out of his knowledge. The software is basically centralized on recursion avoidance, statistical regression, thorough understanding of randomness, and financial management tools.

Being the creator of the program, Price summarized his knowledge into one piece of software called REV Trader PRO. For this reason, the product has been practically known as Price's dedication and hard work.

The program is now offered onto faithful people willing to change their status in the world of Forex markets.

What is included in the program?

Price's comes with several features that make it different from other options in the market. The truth is that people using the product have been massively maximizing profit from Forex trading regularly. Read on to discover some amazing features that the product contains.

Email Notification: One of the great features that you can find by purchasing the product is the email notification option. This is simply an alert system that will send message to the REV Trader PRO member once trades occur.

This is also a helpful source that will help users to get the best results. With this email notification, you can simply log into your binary options platform and execute trades as required.

Trade Reversal Detection Technology: To be factual, this feature sounds great and helpful to any Forex trader. This feature is specially designed to inform users when a reversal is noticed in any trade.

With this, you will be able to know where and when to execute a trade. With this feature, you will not be afraid in taking charge of the markets again. There are so many people who have lost or won trades through the reversal technology.

For this reason, the author has decided to add the feature for more assistance. It is a super detector that can easily pinpoint when a trade has reversed for another direction. On this note, you will be cautioned on how to trade.


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Alert System: This type of alert system can easily show up on trade actions. This is another great signal alert that can help newbie traders. If you are a beginner, this feature will easily help you carry out success trades without any stress.

False Signal Detection Technology: Another great benefit for purchasing the product is the false signal detection technology. It usually works along with the reversal detection technology. This will help you to avoid possible bad trade signal.

Account Risk Management: This is simply a feature that works with your REV Trader PRO account to know the amount of risk bearable. It means the amount of risk that your account can allow.

How does it work?

The simple way that the software works is by implementing trades that have been imputed into the product. For instance, you can sell A shares at B price or buy C shares at D price.

This simply means that you will not have to spend all the day looking at prices again. The product will handle all the hassles for you. To be factual, it is one of the best automated products that money can purchase.

One great benefit of the product is that it remains available to everyone. It also works fast to provide you with the best results. Just in a blink of an eye, you can purchase or sell shares faster.

To be factual, this had only been the cynosure of market gurus operating on Wall Street. However, the gloves are pulled off and you can likewise enjoy the benefits of the software. The main objective of the software is to make people not to trade in obscurity again.

Who Is the Ideal Candidate for the product?

The ideal candidate for the product is someone willing to pick challenges in Forex trading markets. If you are willing to learn the ropes of success over markets, then this product is the best.


  • The product is cost-effect. It is a perfect tool that will help you monitor the markets easily
  • The product does all the work for the user
  • It is less prone to human faulty errors
  • The product can pretty execute trades at a faster speed
  • It can execute bigger orders above human comprehension. On this note, you will be able to make money even on a tiny margin
  • It helps to trade massive amount of share above human comprehension


  • It is never an alternative for experience
  • The product can be difficult to understand in the initial phase

Does The Product Work?

With respect to the survey and reviews about people who have used the product, the software is one-of-a-kind. This simply means the software works. You are sure to win trades by following all the instructions and tools given by the creator Doug Price.



Without any further deliberation, the product is highly recommendable to people willing to win trades easily. In fact, several Forex experts have agreed that the software offers everything it promises. Above all, you can give the product a try now.