Fibo Quantum Scalper Reviews

The name of this program may be confusing at first glance. Fibo Quantum Scalper? What does that even mean? Well, the ‘Fibo' in the name refers to the Fibonacci sequence, which is an infinite series of numbers.

Quantum, in this scenario refers to a specific amount that is needed to do something. Since this is a Forex prediction software, the maths and finance verbiage makes sense.

Scalping, in the foreign exchange market refers to a process of buying and selling currencies in order to make a profit.

Thus, the name, Fibo Quantum Scalper, makes sense here. This program works to predict changes in the market and in the exchange rate of foreign currencies. Thus, it helps predict when the most profitable times to buy and sell currency are – for the purposes of investment.

Who Is The Author or Creator?

Rita Lasker and Karl Dittmann are the co-creators of the Fibo Quantum Scalper program. Both of these individuals are well-known in this market as they both have several years of experience and software development under their belts.

This is not their first iteration of Forex prediction software. They have had releases that are not unlike the Fibo Quantum Scalper in the past.

There are some who complain that these two do not update their software enough, rather, they just release new programs quarterly – but despite this, the build quality of what is released is good and the program is visually stunning.

What Is Included In The Program?

Fibo Quantum Scalper includes several tools and elements in the program. Next generation trading algorithms, built-in smart Fibonacci technology, user-friendly interfaces, reliable signals which means no repaint, and unique volatility detection are all present in this program.

Not only those features, however, but also, time-saving tools, support for all major currencies, multiple trading styles, and highly profitable scalping signals.

These are all features that are in the program and several of these are unique to Fibo Quantum Scalper. If not completely unique to the program, some of them are unique in the combination that they are used in. While the features are important, it is more important if the program actually works or not.

How Does It Work? Is It a Scam?

Essentially, Fibo Quantum Scalper works by predicting changes in the foreign currency market and buying or selling at the right times to make a profit.

Thus, over time, these little profits can add up to something substantial. While the reviews on the website for this software are good, the actual efficacy of the program is not as clear.

While the screenshots and testimonies are promising, actual usage of the software proves to be less than fantastic.

There are no public trading statements that were made available by the software creators nor any of the users. Thus, it is impossible to verify the efficacy of the program.

Additionally, it is suspicious that there are no available records for a program that is apparently successful.

List of Good Points / Pros

  1. Beautifully designed program that is visually pleasing
  2. Great technical support with 24/7 availability
  3. Several well known vendors and collaborators
  4.  Competitive market price

Who is the Ideal Candidate For The Product?

Fibo Quantum Scalper is a beginner friendly program. To simplify the investing process, there are three preset modes of investment that can be used.

The first is conservative mode, which is the safest. It has extreme signal frequency, maximum safety, and standard volatility protection. The next preset mode is medium mode.

This mode has high signal frequency, optimal safety and sensitive volatility protection. Finally, there is the aggressive mode. This mode has the most potential for profit but is also the most risky mode available.

It has normal signal frequency, low safety, and highly sensitive volatility detection. These aggregated types of modes that are preset on the program makes it much more beginner friendly that some other, similar programs.

Additionally, there is much less of a need to truly understand the financial science behind the investments, which is a positive bonus for beginners – but may hinder more advanced investors.

Does The Program Work?

Fibo Quantum Scalper works but it doesn't work. As in, the program runs well and works nicely on most computers. It has good prediction and analysis tools.

It doesn't, however, necessarily provide all of the profit that is promised in the reviews as well as the marketing material for the program.

There is a concrete reason why the developers and creators of this program have been seemingly unwilling to released public records of the profits made and this is likely because the program does not work.


Overall, no. Fibo Quantum Scalper is not a recommended program. The developers, while big names in the industry, are notorious about releasing half-baked software.

In addition to that, instead of updating said software, they instead opt to release full price software only a few months later.

This program is also questionable in regard to the results that it provides. The marketing and website for it are top notch and convincing.

It is suspect, however, that there are no public records of verified trades that have resulted in profit from this program.

Surely, if the program worked as well as the marketing material claimed that it did, there would be records of the profit margins somewhere.

Finally, there is nowhere on the website that discusses the actual methodology behind the technology and programming of the software.

As in, ‘Fibonacci smart technology' seems more like just a bunch on nonsense science words that were jammed together, then an actual type of analysis.

The lack of detail about the actual methods use to complete trades is perhaps the most suspect aspect of this program. This program is not recommended.

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