Fap Turbo 2.0 is a unique product used in Forex trading with amazing result; this is a real breakthrough in the-trading fraternity due to its performance and excellence.

This is considered as the most advanced Forex trading technology around internet places now; the Robot is unique and effective in every sense of the word.


The technology comes with advanced features making trading much fun and fulfilling in real time, it is 100% automatic money minting machine which is used at home.

The fact is everyone with just little knowledge can use this program to trade and make money. The technology is already protected and patented not to be taken or compromised by anybody in trading fraternity.

The program has more powerful features making it to be profitable in time to defeat doubt, since it is also integrated with Bit-coins for more splendid payment capability and flexibility.

The Creator:

Fapturbo 2.0 is authored by a Forex trading expert and software specialist in the name of Loz Lawn; He is a professional Forex trader per excellence with many years’ experience in the field.

The Forex trading guru is “a self-taught” professional who means all what he has designed is as a result of years of creativity. He has been doing Forex trading since 1999 and has also taught many in the field, the guru is also the founder of an institution teaching about trading from Basis, Intermediate and advanced courses.

The institution is known as Udemy, here is where he rolls out all the course program online and offline in real time to help other upcoming traders. It all boils down to a very trusted technology designed and made by an expert in the field.

What is included in the Robot?

  • Upgrade program: Fapturbo 2.0 is an upgrade of the originally created Forex trading robot by the same developer, the older version known as Fapturbo which dominated the trading fraternity for five years.
  • Reliability: The system come with a great reliability in Forex trading field since the original program has been used for the period, this is just an upgrade of the same trusted and reliable system. So it greatly comes with the same trust and integrity.
  • Improvements and research: Fapturbo 2.0 is as a result of 4 years research which has witnessed the creation of 57 software in the system; many features are now improved to offer great trading experience. New algorithms have been created to secure profitable Forex trading with consistency; the profitability can't be lost entirely.
  • Crypt o currencies trading: The added feature in the robot includes the ability to accept currencies like Bit-coins, this type of currencies are a real explosion in the online market. Many platforms around the world are now accepting Bit-coins and similar currencies as a payment mode. This is one big advantage the software has above many Forex trading software in the market.
  • Money back guarantee: The Forex trading robot doesn't come free for that matter, the subscription fee is $ 149 since its profitable and well tested over a long period of time. Nothing good should come for free since many free things turn out to be expensive in real time, but the developers of the program gives a 60 days money back for customers who find it not ideal. Your money will be refunded though the program can't disappoint if used as per instructions.

How does it work:

The program work in very unique ways to trade online with precision and efficiency, here are some unique ways it works to sustain and gain Forex trading profits;

a) The trading algorithm is been improved to create a robust trading technique than any other Forex trading robot in the market, the algorithm is Fapturbo 2.0 is programmed to maintain real time profits, it means there is profit guarantee with the system.

It doesn't allow the profit margin to fall below a certain point; it regulates itself automatically which is a breakthrough in this robot.

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b) It has unique fundamental tools to be used in Forex trading; the tools are configured to enable maximum trading and profitability.

The tools which helps to maximize profits includes indicators which shows the trading trends; indicator graphs, ratios, Charting patterns and market analysis indicators.

c) Automated: Fapturbo 2.0 is fully automatic and integrated program which anybody can trade with anywhere in the world, it doesn't require to be only subjected to certain brokers like other Robots.

It's a system in itself which can fit any other broking requirements, the automated features pushes Forex trading online in real time.

d) The robotic nature of the program enables only profitable trading at all times, it means that if you are trading in a certain direction which is profitable, it will uphold it as long as it's making profit.

But the moment it starts falling in profit, the robot will automatically get you out there before long. So steady profits are the ultimate position taken by this program in real time, it can also be programmed to trade online or offline any time.

Candidate for Fapturbo 2.0:

The author of this program Loz Lawn having in the Forex trading business for over 15 years, he has practically known about how to trade Forex profitable.

Since he has been a coach in the field for many years and with a desire that other traders learn, he designed this Robot to help people especially the upcoming Forex traders with little or no knowledge in the field.

The ideal candidates for this program are actually Forex traders of any level from beginners to advanced level.


  • Inbuilt setting: it's a plug and run program without much problems or technicalities.
  • User friendly: the Robot is an ideal for all levels of traders whether beginners, intermediate and professional. There is no much technical know-how involved anybody with basis Forex trading knowledge can use it fast.
  • Money back guarantee: their money back guarantee program is very great in real time, this means that a trader can't lose their cash since if not satisfied within 60 days the cash is refunded.
  • Inbuilt reviews: the reviews of Fapturbo 2.0 are readily available with the program without any added installation to it; it's automatic in real time.
  • Bit-coins trading: it accepts trading with crypt o currencies like Bit-coins which are ideal for any online trading these days.


  • Limited to 2 brokers: one big disadvantage about Fapturbo 2.0 is that its indicators accepted by two brokers only, this means that if you are a professional trader you will have to close all your old accounts if you sign up with it. Brokers don't accept Fapturbo 2.0 because it only allows a trader to make much profit and brokers making very little profits. Only ECN brokers can accept the program since they trade on worldwide platform hence making profits.
  • The automated feature of the trading tool makes it hard for new Forex traders to learn anything since they start making money almost immediately. This can make new traders never to know the fundamentals of Forex trading.


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When all is said and done the system is an ideal for every Forex trader's money, it's worth purchasing since it offers much more in Forex trading.

The users hardly get losses and anybody can use the Robot without much technical knowledge or training, its user friendly and compact with everything inside it.