Making money is relatively everyone’s dream. People seek to invest in different money making projects, which they expect to earn good returns. Bitcoin trading has been among the top investment dealings that have earned people a lot of money.

However, it has also proved to be very complex, in terms of understanding it. But thanks to the Bitcoin Wealth Alliance, you can now understand the trading more, and even better, you can start earning money through it.


What Is The Product?

The Bitcoin Wealth Alliance is generally a guide that entails all that people should know about Bitcoin. It is more of a Bitcoin basic guide that lays down the risks, benefits and possibilities encountered in the Bitcoin Trading.

It provides steps that describe how you can buy Bitcoin, and ways of managing the investments that will gain you more profits. The guides are presented in videos, in order to make it easier to understand.

Who Is The Creator?

It has been created by Chris Dunn, who is a professional trader in the precious metal trading. Chris has deep experience in the Bitcoin tradings, and he has been successful for many years. He applies the knowledge he acquired through his experience in the Bitcoin journey.

The developer has personally developed the product for the sake of helping interested investors to understand the Bitcoin. Also, he helps people use ways that they can in order to earn money that could change their likes.

What Is Included In The Program?

Since this is a guide-like program, it is sectioned in a number of categories. There is a total of 20 videos that help users understand Bitcoin, and all the videos have been done by Chris, the developer. It is basically divided into three sections, the Bitcoin Basics, the Bitcoin Trading Foundation, and the Bonus Content.

  • The Bitcoin Basics. This section includes about 8 videos, which are all aimed at introducing the user to Bitcoin, and making them understand it even more. You will understand all the features and components of Bitcoin, and the basic things that will help you be successful at it.
  • The Bitcoin Trading Foundation. This section has set of videos that are divided in 10 sections, and they teach you how you can start making money with Bitcoin. Chris explains in the video about the smartest ways to be successful, even when the situation are not favorable on the market.
  • The Bonus Content. This section entails 2 informative videos that discuss how to accept Bitcoins for Payment in your business, and the Alt-Coins. Here, you will be taught how you can incorporate the Bitcoinswith your business. The funds will then be converted to your desired currency. The Alt-Coins video explains the Alt-coin market, and informs you on ways to avoid the multiple scams on the market.

How Does It Work?

Since it is a software, it will most definitely be operated on a PC or any other device. The program will create a trade whenever a chance is available. That implies that it must be running, in order to successfully clinch a good deal.

When you purchase the product, you will be needed to deposit some few hundred dollars into your account, which will commence trading. The best part is that all the required steps to pull off a successful trading will be explained in the video.

But all in all, the software locates the best deal, whenever one is available, and goes for it. This saves you the time and energy tracking down the trading chart, or requiring a broker to help.


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Who Is The Ideal Candidate For The Product?

Technically, this product is designed for anyone. You must be ready to take all the risks and invest your few hundred dollars into the system, then sit back and wait for it to trade.

The best part of the Bitcoin Wealth Alliance is that you will not be needed to have a professional knowledge about Bitcoins. Instead, everything that you might want to know will be explained in the software. Before you can start making money, the product will explain to you the basic things and components of Bitcoin.

List of Pros and Cons

  • It is user friendly, whereby, you will only need to click and follow the video that are included.
  • There is no knowledge or experience needed to trade, because all the Bitcoin are introduced in the beginning.
  • Guaranteed to work, because it has been developed by a professional investor, and it comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.
  • The system is well organized, with the videos presented in an elegant manner.
  • It is a good money making tool, if you follow the guide keenly, and if you keep the system active enough.
  • It is also flexible, since it is a software, and an eBook, which allows you to be active, even while on the go.


  • It works online, which might not be that friendly to one who has a tight schedule. Also, you must be connected to a reliable internet in order to allow it make the tradings.
  • The start up cost might seem slightly expensive to some people.

Does The Product Work?

The product is most likely to work, given the fact that it will spot the best opportunity and make the trading, which helps you to save time and extra money on the brokers.

A good thing about it is that it will automatically make the tradings, and you will only need to follow it up, and stay online. The developer assures you of earning more money by offering a 60-day money back guarantee.


In a nutshell, the Bitcoin Wealth Alliance is a program that will introduce you to Bitcoin, even if you know nothing about it. The videos that have been made by the successful investor help to give you a deep understanding of the trading.

It then lets you start making money, and gradually earn more than you could expect. You will not be needed to play a bigger role in the trading, but you will only need to follow up the software and ensure that you are constantly online.

The developer promises the product to work perfectly, and assures people of making money without much effort needed. You will get all your money back, if you don’t get any returns within 60 days, which is promising enough.

Bitcoin Wealth Alliance Training Program

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